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Maria Sofia Teixeira Gomes dos Santos

Universidade do Porto - Faculdade de Arquitectura

Maria Sofia Santos (Porto, 1984)

Architect, University Teacher FAUP, Researcher R&D CEAU-FAUP

Theory, Practice and History of the Architectural Project

Creative Processes in Architecture

History of Portuguese Architecture

Maria Sofia Santos (Porto, 1984) is an architect with a Doctor's Degree in Architecture from the Ph.D. Program in Architecture of Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (PDA-FAUP, 2018). She has developed a Doctoral Thesis titled "The New Gate of Alhambra: from the deep reasons of the project in the long time of the architectural creative process." Graduated at FAUP (2009), she has completed the course with a Final Thesis titled "From the individual in space to the space of the individual". She attended the Architecture School of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm under the Erasmus Program (2006/2007). She currently practices Architectural Design and she practiced it also, as intern and collaborator, in Cannatà & Fernandes, Camilo Rebelo Arq. and Joaquim Portela Arq.. Since 2010, she is University Teacher (Invited Professor) at the curricular unit History of Portuguese Architecture of the Master Degree in Architecture (4th year, MIARQ-FAUP). In 2009, she was University Teacher (Tutor) of Project II (Design Unit II, MIARQ-FAUP, 2008/2009). Within the framework of the RG (145-1906) "Architecture: Theory, Project, History" (ATPH) of R&D CEAU-FAUP, she collaborated in the research project "Travel Sketchbooks". She is an Integrated Researcher at R&D Center for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism (CEAU-FAUP) since 2013. She makes supervision of research and of Master Theses in Architecture and she participates in juries of Academic Degrees. She has scientific, technical and artistic/cultural production. Her areas of interest are Theory, Practice and History of the Architectural Project, Creative Processes in Architecture and History of Portuguese Architecture.