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Elena Isabel Díaz de Miranda Fernández de Molina

E.T.S. A - Sevilla - US

Success is an attitude.

My name is Elena Díaz de Miranda Fernández de Molina. I was born in Oviedo in 1994, where I has always live in. I´ve studied Architecture in Seville for four years.Then I moved to Munich to study at TUM (actually Master of Architecture there) the last year of the Spanish degree. I passed all my subjects  and right now I am doing the “Final project”, which is the last step in Spain, to get the degree and become and architect.

I had some years of experience working at my family´s architecture studio. I´ve been helping them since I started to be a student, six years ago. I have worked in many different projects, since public contest to demolitions.

About myself, I can say that I´m a hard-working girl, efficient and very enthusiastic with the projects. I´m not conformist and I usually put myself high objectives, which I try anyway to get.  I´m ambitious in my work, what doesn´t mean competitive with my own partners. I really like collaborating with them, offering my opinion and listening to them. I really enjoy working in team because of the collective enrichment that different ideas contribute, but I also work in my own efficiently. I´m an active and tireless person who likes proposing things and trying it with tenacity. I´m optimist and quite self-confidence. I like to enjoy what I´m doing and to believe in myself and my team. 

I am really interested in poetry and I am a novel writer with no publications, but some projects. I am a sportswoman, concretely, a football and tennis player during a lot of years. Also I was a Tennis trainer of kids for five years and I gave particular lessons to child and young kids when I was 17.