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David Mesa Cedillo

E.T.S. A - Barcelona - UPC

Knowing how things work is the first step for them to not keep being the same


FPU Predoctoral Fellow (2021-2025, ETSAB-UPC). Graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (2017, ETSAB-UPC), Master in Artistic Production and Research (2020, UB) and Master in Contemporary Thought and Classical Tradition (2021, UB). My work explores the fields of art and philosophy, approaching the conceptual both from the artistic practice and theory. My field of study focuses on the hermeneutical problems related with the overturn known as “Greece-Modernity”. Member of the Athene Noctua Seminar for Advanced Research in Practical Philosophy (Department of Philosophy, UB). I have been a member of the research group "Theory and Criticism of the City, Architecture and the Arts" (2014-2017) and collaborator of the "Observatory of Scenic Spaces" (2015-2017) at ETSAB-UPC.