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Inside the main purpose of the intervention is to create a business incubator related to young people activities, to university and research where indoor training, professional formation joined with the possibility of young companies directly linked to the big outdoor business world. By concentrating  different clusters in a single building, and by setting intense and strong relations, we determine an international open hub.

These are the project keywords: creativity, communication, orientation, business world, innovation and research.

The operation is thought therefore as a part of a larger and strategic program of long term self-financing made ​​possible by the solar farm built around the Coliseum, that will  become the center of production and distribution of a wider network of energy to serve the city.

Five important clusters are condensed and mixed in this hub: each one develops a single theme and shares its peculiarities and opportunities with the others. The project design itself is characterized by a strong symbolism: the third Coliseum, the Open one, represents the will to connect Rome in the global business network through a strong icon greatly related both to the image of the eternal city and to its history, and at the same time to the contemporary age and the future heat that Rome is called to face.

Q.R. Rome is a platform inspired by the city’s features: it takes advantage of urban and territorial opportunities to create a new creative and innovative international hub, which, in turn, will be an amazing resource for the entire world territory.




Q.R. Rome aims to create an multiple hub for young creative people and business companies: the project defines an innovative busin

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