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Directed by: Luis Fernández-Galiano

The arquia/masters collection is a cultural programme designed, produced and edited by the Arquia Foundation, consisting of recording interviews with relevant architects from contemporary architecture
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arquia/ formwork

The theory of architecture no longer has the strength and compactness of the manuscripts of old. It is currently lighter and more volatile and manifests itself occasionally in articles, debates or interviews.
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The arquia/documentary collection represents the recovery of dispersed and hitherto unpublished material in Spain of priceless value for the world of architecture.
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About the editions

The audiovisual works and publications produced by the Arquia Foundation are distributed free of charge to all Libraries of the Schools of Architecture and Colleges of Architects located on the Iberian Peninsula, for consultation by students and architects. They are characterised by a consolidated editorial policy, awarded on different occasions.

Latest news

Documental en DVD+libro: arquia/documental 38. LINA BO BARDI. POESÍA PRECISA

La colección arquia/documental presenta su último volumen 38, un documental sobre la arquitecta italobrasileña LINA BO BARDI, dirigido por Belinda Rukschcio (Austria/Alemania, 2013-54') con textos del arquitecto y profesor italiano Giacomo Pirazzoli.

Audiovisual documents
22 febrero 2019

Nuevo documental en DVD+libro: arquia/documental 37. PETER ZUMTHOR. LA PRÁCTICA DE LA ARQUITECTURA

La colección arquia/documental presenta su último volumen 37, un documental sobre el arquitecto suizo PETER ZUMTHOR, dirigido por Michael Blackwood (Estados Unidos, 20112-58').

Audiovisual documents
4 enero 2019

New documentary in DVD+book: arquia/documentary 36. JOHN LAUTNER. INFINITE SPACE

The arquia/documentary collection presents volume 36, the documentary JOHN LAUTNER. INFINITE SPACE, directed by Murray Grigor (United States, 2008-91').

Audiovisual documents
13 junio 2018

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