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arquia Master's

Arquia Banca corporate MBA (architecture)

Master's in Business Administration and Management, architecture field

  • Presentation of the Arquia Banca Corporate MBA (architecture)

    Corporate MBA ESADE - Arquia Foundation?

    A collaboration between prestigious institutions

    With the aim of contributing to the training of the architect and respective professional growth, the Arquia Foundation, in collaboration with the ESADE business school, presents the Arquia Banca Master's in Business Management and Administration corporate MBA, which provides the architect or professional linked to the architectural field with personal resources and leadership and entrepreneurship skills that enable new business visions or the creation of companies characterised by innovation, creativity, offering distinctive and competitive quality services to society, adapted to the current context.

    Arquia Foundation

    Since it was founded in 1990, one of the main activities of the Arquia Foundation that is worth highlighting is the editing of materials in different formats (books, e-books, DVDs) through different collections; and the calls for competitions and grants, for research, entrepreneurship and professional internships, such as arquia/thesis, arquia/grants and arquia/próxima, with the aim of promoting and fostering aims of a cultural, social, assistance, professional and training nature in the field of architecture, construction, design and urban planning.


    The ESADE Foundation - Higher School of Business Administration and Management, hereinafter ESADE, is a private higher education institution dedicated to teaching and research in the areas of economics, business management, law and social sciences, with various university centres where it carries out its teaching activity, aimed at university students, postgraduates, senior managers and professionals. Since it was founded in 1958, it has been characterised by its innovative spirit and clear commitment to service to society. It has campuses in Barcelona, Sant Cugat and Madrid, and offers training anywhere in the world, having established collaboration agreements with more than 100 universities and business schools on five continents.

  • Aims and profile of the applicant
  • Why opt for arquia Banca corporate MBA?

    An extensive professional transformation for the applicant

    Professional progression.

    The programme will allow you to take on new responsibilities, providing you with new high-level managerial, financial and organisational resources. You will acquire an innovative vision and the ability to give creative, innovative and adapted responses to new circumstances. Therefore, the arquia banca Corporate MBA is designed to train managers with a fresh and proactive vision, capable of leading and strengthening new and existing business models in the architecture sector.

    A community open to networking and exchange

    Join a heterogeneous and prestigious network of contacts, made up of a wide variety of professionals, companies and top-level executives linked to architecture, the industry and construction, with whom you can share experiences and knowledge, and who can open up new opportunities for your company or architecture studio, as well as for your professional development.

    Action Learning Project.

    Entrepreneurship or Intrapreneurship. Develop your project or business idea in a safe environment. The programme is an excellent opportunity to launch your company's or your studio's projects. At ESADE, you will have multiple resources that will allow you to develop your projects thoroughly, with expert advice and formal and high level monitoring. The Action Learning Project stands out as an ideal forum for testing new ideas and studying/evaluating/incorporating new concepts.

    A recognised academic accreditation.

    Degree awarded by one of the most prestigious international schools (#8 in the world according to the Financial Times 2015). The CMBA programme is an accredited programme, awarded by the Ramon Llull University.

    Participant profile

    Professionals with high development potential

    The programme is aimed at professionals and managers linked to the field of architecture, such as architects, technical architects, managers of public and private companies, promoters, etc., whereby their company or studio has proposed a training plan to enhance their managerial or project manager career.

    All participants will be professionals with high potential, whose main goal is the development of knowledge and skills in order to take on increasing levels of managerial responsibility.

    The interaction with other professionals and managers from the same sector guarantees a productive, dynamic and global learning environment in which professors, managers and technicians share their experiences and knowledge regarding the best management practices.

  • Methodology
  • Diverse methodology

    The programme is inspired by collective learning and competence development based on the participant's experiences. An open and diverse environment that ensures complementarity and fosters cooperation.

    ESADE's arquia banca Corporate MBA and the Arquia Foundation opens various growth trajectories in a collaborative environment that encourages mutual exchange and support, generating a cohesive group that finds a common denominator both in terms of its professional growth and in the architectural material/topic.

    The academic and training activities of the programme are an integral part of this learning philosophy and use a variety of methodologies to ensure maximum benefit.

    The Lead Programme, the Action Learning Projects, the change management simulator or online training are methodologies specially designed to achieve maximum impact in the shortest time.

    In the programme, each discipline and subject is handled in the way that best suits the content and executive profile of the participant, without losing any of the rigour that characterises a postgraduate programme.

    1. Action Learning Projects
    Company projects or business models work on the integration of skills and knowledge acquired during the programme, highlighting the interrelationship between decisions that affect different functional aspects of the company or studio. They allow the development of a project related to the company itself or a new business idea or professional service that provides added value to the architecture, industrial or construction sector.

    2. Lead Programme for the development of management skills
    Exclusive methodology based on the emotional intelligence model by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis.

    3. Management Simulators
    Application of different management tactics. Different simulators affect different areas: change, strategy, marketing, etc., in a controlled environment and working as a team, visualising their impact on the different stakeholders.

    4. Online activities
    The blended format means that the programme is more compatible with professional duties. The e-finance module, interactive videos or online questionnaires are some of the distance learning activities.

    5. Sessions with guests from the sector
    The selection of a group of guests means the current market and business models can be compared, as well as the offer of professional services currently required. These sessions run parallel to the training subjects and contribute to strengthening and proposing a real project in the field of architecture.


  • Teaching structure and team
  • Content structure

    The programme structure consists of five main modules that are distributed throughout the academic year

    Module 1. Understanding the environment: The aim of this block is to provide participants with a deep understanding of the environment surrounding a business organisation and of the various factors (political, cultural, economic) that affect it. Subjects: geopolitical environment, managerial economics, Corporate Social Responsability.

    Module 2. Understanding the Strategy: The aim of this block is to provide participants with a deep understanding of the importance of the strategy in the company, so that they are able to analyse its formulation and understand the difficulties and the processes necessary to implement it. Subjects: General Management, Competitive Strategy and Change Management.

    Module 3. Management of Functional Areas: With this block, we intend to provide participants with a global vision of the different functional areas of the company and of the processes that each of them carries out, in order to understand the strategic importance of each one of them. Subjects: Financial Management, Marketing and Commercial Management, Operations Management, Information Systems Management, HR Management, Innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Module 4. Management and Leadership Development: The aim of this block is to develop the teamwork skills of the participants, as a fundamental component of their ability to carry out complex projects with their clients and to manage the people involved in them.

    LEAD Programme. It is a personal knowledge programme aimed at improving your exercise of leadership. And in particular, it is an invitation to reflect on your aspirations and the skills needed to make them a reality. In your professional or personal day to day, you will spend a lot of time thinking of and interacting with others and very little time thinking about yourself. LEAD gives you an opportunity to do so, in a friendly framework and with a proven methodology.

    Module 5. Action Learning Project or Company project. With this block, it is intended that the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies developed throughout the programme transcend all professional activity, contributing to the ability to generate innovative and high value solutions for the participant's organisation. The company or studio may decide which project the participant should carry out, if they deem it appropriate.

    Managing directors forum module. Intensification sessions in the Architecture sector throughout the programme: Managing directors forum - with managers who are leading opinion makers and key industry experts who will contribute their experience and knowledge.

    Teaching team_ESADE

    Pedro Armangué,Academic collaborator of the Marketing Department

    Jordi Brunat. Associate Professor, Department of General Management and Strategy. Associate Professor URL. Executive Director, Executive Education Unit

    Josep Lluís Cano, Senior Associate Professor, Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences. Contracted Professor (holder of a PhD). Director, e-learning Area

    Jaime Castelló, Associate Professor, Marketing Department. Associate Professor URL
    Programme Director (Madrid) Master's in Marketing and Sales Management

    Angel Castiñeira,Professor, Department of Social Sciences. Professor URL
    Director of the Chair of Leadership and Democratic Governance

    Marc Correa,Associate Professor, Department of People Management and Organisation
    Contracted Professor (holder of a PhD). Director, Executive Masters Unit

    Jordi Fabregat,Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting
    Contracted Professor (holder of a PhD). Director (Barcelona) of the Executive Master's in Economic and Financial Management

    Xavier Ferràs,Visiting Professor, Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences

    Rafael Garcia, Academic Collaborator of the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting Steven Guest, Academic Collaborator, Department of People Management and Organisation. Associate Professor URL

    Ignacio Guitart, Academic Collaborator of the Marketing Department

    Jaume Hugas,Professor, Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences
    Associate Professor URL

    Carlos Jordana,Academic Collaborator of the Marketing Department

    Xavier Mena,Professor, Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting. URL Professor

    Jordi Molina,Professor, Marketing Department. Associate Professor URL
    Executive Director, Custom Programme Area

    Manel Peiro, Professor, Department of Management and People and Organisation
    Contracted Professor (holder of a PhD)

    Marcel Planellas, Professor, Department of General Management and Strategy
    Professor URL
    Andrés Raya, Academic Collaborator, Department of People Management and Organisation
    Associate Professor URL Director, PARTNERS Programme

    Ricard Serlavós, Associate Professor, Department of People Management and Organisation at ESADE Associate Professor URL

    Ismael Vallés,Academic Collaborator of the Marketing Department

    Julio Villalobos,Professor, Marketing Department
    Director, inDIGITAL Programme - Digital Marketing and Sales Department

    Jordi Viñaixa,Associate Professor, Department of General Management and Strategy Contracted Professor (holder of a PhD)

    Teaching team_Arquia Foundation

    (in process)



  • Admission, funding and grants
  • Admission to the programme

    Through the Corporate MBA admission process, we will assess academic training, professional career and adaptability to the group


    a. University degree
    b. Prove a minimum of 3 years of full-time professional experience. If you do not have 3 years of experience, consult the admissions team regarding your particular case
    c. Business level of English
    d. The candidate must be proposed by the companies participating in the Corporate MBA, with the aim of progressing in the individual career plan drawn up by the company or the studio.


    1. APPLICATION. Admission application, including an updated CV and passport size photograph
    2. ADMISSION TEST. ESADE admission test or GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)
    3. ENGLISH TEST. English level test or provide an official certificate
    4. PERSONAL INTERVIEW. Interview with the Admissions and Programme Management team


    Arquia Banca helps fund the tuition fees, through the “master's loan”. For more information on funding, please contact any arquia banca office).


  • arquia banca Corporate MBA data sheet
  • arquia banca Corporate MBA,

    1st edition, 2017-2018

    DEGREE: Arquia Banca CMBA master's degree. The CMBA programme is an accredited programme, with the Ramon Llull University awarding a diploma of 60 ECTS. The programme consists of 340 contact hours, plus 260 hours of e-learning; resulting in a total of 600 teaching hours. LANGUAGE: Teaching is in Spanish, but material will be provided in English.

    WHERE AND WHEN: It will be held at the ESADE Madrid Campus (c/ Mateo Inurria, 25-27. 28036 Madrid), April 2017 to December 2018. The implementation format of the programme will be one and a half days per month (Monday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., about 15 hours in total), and 3 intensive weeks (initial week, week midway through the programme and final week).

    COST: 29,000 euros. PAYMENTS: 2,900 euros for admission, 14,500 euros at the beginning of the programme (April 2017), 11,600 euros at the beginning of the second semester (January 2018). TRAVEL FUND: 10 travel grants. Aimed at candidates who come from locations other than Madrid. ARQUIA BANCA FUNDING: The candidate receives funding for tuition through the “Master's loan” offered by arquia-banca offices.



  • Activities
  • Monday, 28 November 2016. Pamplona, Hotel Alma, presentation-aperitif
    Tuesday, 29 November 2016. Madrid, COAM, Masterclass-presentation
    Monday, 12 December 2016. Bilbao, COAVN, presentation-aperitif
    February 2017. Madrid, ESADE Campus, Masterclass presentation
    Thursday, 9 March 2017. Seville, FIDAS Foundation, Masterclass presentation
    Monday, 24 April 2017. Madrid, ESADE Campus. Start of Arquia Banca CMBA



  • Information and registrations. Contact
  • For more information about the master's degree, as well as the admission process and personal interview request, please contact:

    Arquia Foundation
    c/ Arcs, 8, pral dcha. 08002 Barcelona
    T. +34 936 011 115 // +34 934 826 838 (Contact person: Yolanda Ortega Sanz)

    Custom Programs. Executive Education
    Av. de Esplugues 92-96. 08034 Barcelona or
    Tel. +34 93 280 61 62 (ext. 3715) (Contact person: Fátima Piqué Aldomà)

    Custom Programmes. Executive Education
    Campus Madrid. c/ Mateo Inurria, 25-27. 28036 Madrid
    T. +34 913 597 714 (ext. 5817) (Contact person: Cristina Liao)



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