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About the media library

The Media Library hosts a specialised Film Archive, with more than 1,000 audiovisual files, representing a unique platform in Europe for the study, dissemination and revaluation of architectural audiovisual works, through the digitisation, preservation and exhibition of existing audiovisual collections, facilitating their registration and safekeeping.

The Media Library also hosts a Filmography section, which brings together more than 4,000 existing audiovisual records, both from its own collection and from the audiovisual collections of Professional Associations of Architects and Schools of Architecture in Spain. Through collaboration agreements with these entities, the Arquia Foundation agrees to digitalise a selection of their collections for online viewing in the Film Archive, as well as the registration of all their titles in the Filmography section, thus contributing to the preservation of their collections and the promotion of architectural culture and research.



2004 Barcelona Forum. Dialogues: City and citizens of the 21st century

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Alberto Campo Baeza
Labor of Love

In a place of incredible calm, where after a day of rain and fog, an intense light is reflected in the stillness of the mirror of the deep waters of the majestic Hudson River
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Patrick Keiller

A documentary in which Patrick Keiller studies the British landscape and economic geography.
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La Torre del Gas en Barcelona

ETSAB Practical Architecture and Film Workshop

Directed by Maria Mauti Director of the ETSAB Architecture and Cinema course: Antonio Pizza Based on the 2019 Architecture and Cinema course


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Lina Bo Bardi

Precise Poetry

She is one of the most unique voices of twentieth-century architecture. From her status as an architect in Brazil, a country, foreign at first, and then passionately her own, Bo Bardi knew how to adapt the aesthetic modernity learned in her native Italy to serve the public.
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Latest news

Las conferencias organizadas por e-flux, en arquia/filmoteca

La Fundación Arquia y la plataforma  e-flux han firmado un convenio de colaboración para la incorporación de sus conferencias y mesas redondas a la Mediateca de Fundación Arquia.

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18 mayo 2021

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