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Catálogo Editorial FQ 2023

Autor: Fundación Arquia

Catálogo editorial de la publicaciones de la Fundación Arquia, en él se recogen la novedades publicadas en todas nuestras colecciones: arquia/temas, arquia/tesis, la cimbra, sin prejuicios, arquia/documentales, arquia/maaestros y otras colecciones.

Actualizado a noviembre de 2023


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Deontología y arquitectura

Manual para un ejercicio profesional digno

Authors: Eloy Algorri García, Gloria Gómez Muñoz

The aim of this guide is to offer a didactic and practical manual to learn about the principles on which professional ethics and deontology in architecture are based, for a contextualised, dignified practice committed to reality today and in the near future.

E-topics Collection 7

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Entre(vistas) arquitectónicas

Author: Octavio Mestre

La cimbra Colection 13

This selection of interviews aims to show and establish a set of diverse perspectives or peripheral approaches, through texts that try to capture the synergies created between several related disciplines, since it is important for architecture to go beyond the limits of its daily practice: a self-absorbed architecture is not useful, not even to ourselves.

© Pablo Palazuelo Foundation

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Discover the winners of the 11th Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism held in Asunción, Paraguay.

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Materia informada.

Author: Ignacio Borrego

Collection: arquia/thesis 42

Deformación, conformación y codificación: procedimientos de almacenamiento de información en la materia. 


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Estrategias y efectos de escala

Author: Luis Suárez Mansilla

Collection: arquia/thesis 41

The publication deals with the study of scale as a specifically architectural concept and attests its instrumental value within the architecture generation process.
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Guía tecnológica del arquitecto perito. Todo lo que no es medir es opinar.

This book is intended as a practical reference manual and not as a book for reading. Nor is it an edition that is already finished, but rather it is a living element that can be added to and extended.

Author: Deborah Serrano Garcia

Collection: arquia/e-topics 6

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About publications

The publishing house of the Arquia Foundation is characterised by its work to disseminate architectural knowledge, by the consistent editorial policy, with a clear design and content that is known within both the academic and professional spheres.



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Architecture of the Modern Movement in Spain

Review of the Iberian DOCOMOMO Register, 1925-1965
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Consideraciones sobre la obra de Rafael Moneo

(bilingual edition es/pt)

A Theoretical Reflection from the Professional Practice. Archive Materials (1961-2016)" at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in 2017
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Jointly edited with the Basque Government

Edition by Asier Santas Torres and Luis Suárez Mansilla


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Efficiency and productivity in architecture

Agnieszka Stepien and Lorenzo Barnó, Stepienybarno

How to be an efficient and productive architect on a daily basis?
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Destino Barcelona, 1911-1991

Throughout the 20th century, Barcelona was a platform for exchanging ideas that affected the evolution of the history of architecture.
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