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El compás y la cámara

Estudios sobre Fritz Lang. 

Autor: Manuel García Roig

Colección: La cimbra 14

Muy probablemente el oficio de cineasta sea el que guarda mayor similitud con el oficio de arquitecto pues ambos, tanto en la realización de una película como en la ejecución de un proyecto, contienen una dimensión artesanal basada esencialmente en la precisión y el cuidado por el detalle.

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Access the free download of some of the publications that the Arquia Foundation publishes. 

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La filmoteca recupera los diálogos del Fórum Barcelona 2004 sobre ciudad del siglo XXI

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Deontología y arquitectura

Manual para un ejercicio profesional digno

Autores: Eloy Algorri García, Gloria Gómez Muñoz

El objetivo de la guía es ofrecer un manual didáctico y práctico, que dé a conocer los principios en los que se fundamenta la ética profesional y deontología en la arquitectura, para un ejercicio contextualizado, digno y comprometido con la realidad en la actualidad y en el futuro más próximo.

Colección e-temas 7

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Entre(vistas) arquitectónicas

Autor: Octavio Mestre

Colección la cimbra 13

Esta selección de Entre(vistas) arquitectónicas tiene como finalidad mostrar y establecer un conjunto de miradas cruzadas o enfoques periféricos, a través de unos textos que intentan captar las sinergias creadas entre varias disciplinas afines, pues es importante que la arquitectura salga de los confines de su ejercicio cotidiano: una arquitectura ensimismada no sirve, ni siquiera a nosotros mismos.


© Fundación Pablo Palazuelo

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Discover the winners of the 11th Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism held in Asunción, Paraguay.

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Materia informada.

Author: Ignacio Borrego

Collection: arquia/thesis 42

Deformación, conformación y codificación: procedimientos de almacenamiento de información en la materia. 


Publication sheet

Estrategias y efectos de escala

Author: Luis Suárez Mansilla

Collection: arquia/thesis 41

The publication deals with the study of scale as a specifically architectural concept and attests its instrumental value within the architecture generation process.
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Guía tecnológica del arquitecto perito. Todo lo que no es medir es opinar.

This book is intended as a practical reference manual and not as a book for reading. Nor is it an edition that is already finished, but rather it is a living element that can be added to and extended.

Author: Deborah Serrano Garcia

Collection: arquia/e-topics 6

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Manhattank - Depósitos de vida

by Jorge Cobo Suspérregui, is one of the winning projects of the 20th arquia/grants call.
It is based on the metamorphosis and recovery of water tanks, iconic elements, located in unique places in New York
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Documentation Centre

NUNONINA, a success story from the Professional Reactivation Programme, from ARQUIA/SOCIAL by María Varona and Mónica Huang

Nunonina focuses on designing unique panels with acoustic characteristics for walls/ceilings and textile elements that divide spaces, made of high quality raw materials, such as wool, felt, silks and other textiles, which are worked by hand with traditional techniques in different phases of their execution. They are not technical elements of acoustics with common industrial textile materials, but rather unique custom pieces, which will not only have a technical function to improve the acoustic conditions of a room in terms of ambient noise, but also a clearly ornamental and artistic purpose.
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No child should die for a lack of oxygen.

Mireia Gil, beneficiaria de la Beca de Emprendimiento Social Arquia en 2018, finalizó el programa en Setiembre 2019.
Azimut O2 en Saint John of God Catholic Hospital en Mabesseneg (Sierra Leone)
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TRIARQ, by Martina Almela Sena, Martín Ortolá Sabater and Ángela Almela Sena, winning proposal of the competition "Design a toy for hospitalised children (aged 7 to 14)", part of the ARQUIA/SOCIAL programme

The proposal encourages creative play and enables both individual and collective play. The shapes that the game can take are both geometric and organic, offering an idea of cross-sectional and integral architecture. 

Liight , by Santiago Jiménez Cortés and Carlos Rosety, winning project of the 3rd Social Entrepreneurship Grant, promotes sustainability and responsibility through gamification.

Liight by Santiago Jiménez Cortés and Carlos Rosety, as the winner for its great potential to contribute to social awareness in favour of sustainability and responsibility with resources. The Jury also stressed that the business idea presents clear strategies for engagement and that the promoter team has demonstrated the skills to carry out the project.


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CREAMUS ITALIA, from architecture to interculture.

another success story from the ARQUIA/SOCIAL Professional Reactivation programme, by Laura Cremonesi. The proposal is based on the search and management of accommodation for foreign visitors and students in the Spanish capital.
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NONAHI, by Ezequiel Collantes Gabella and Andrea Díaz Rozas, winning proposal of the competition "Design a toy for hospitalised children (aged 3 to 7)", part of the ARQUIA/SOCIAL programme

Cultural Area

John Lautner
Espacio infinito

The documentary is the portrait of a visionary architect marked by innovation and inspiration, endless battles with building codes.
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Lina Bo Bardi  
Precise Poetry

Through various interviews with its most direct collaborators, the documentary covers the career, personality and interests of the Italian-Brazilian architect. 
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Loisaida, incubadora de urbanismos afectivodisidentes

by Natalia Matesanz Ventura, winning project of the 5th edition of the Research Grant in New York.
The proposal, halfway between the artistic-experimental and productive research, explores the possibilities of modifying the physical and virtual space of the city through the participation of local communities , specifically studying the New York neighbourhood of Loisaida, and the way in which this modification has occurred as a social and activist practice.
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Reflections on the work of Rafael Moneo

The cycle of conferences "Consideraciones sobre la obra de Rafael Moneo", organised in conjunction with the exhibition "Rafael Moneo: A Theoretical Reflection from the Professional Practice. Archive Materials (1961-2016)" at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in 2017; it raises an open debate about the legacy and validity of Rafael Moneo's work through a set of voices belonging to different generations and backgrounds.
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Small big architecture capsules.

These days returning to school are conducive to catching up on different aspects, ultimately trying to get through the lists of tasks that we have accumulated.
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Architects are self-centred


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Piedras viejas, casa nueva.

Emilio Tuñón 

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AF entrepreneurship

Recently graduated architects entering the job market

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arquia social

Actively collaborating with non-profit institutions

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