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Cultural area / editions



Collection: arquia/topics
Address: Consejo editorial Fundación Arquia

The arquia/topics collection provides an open space for architectural reflection. It originated from research, difficult to market, but of unquestionable cultural and architectural interest, normally left out of the scope of society. arquia/topics aims to fill this gap by focussing on different editorial topics, not necessarily of an academic nature.

#arquiatopics #reflection


Collection: arquia/thesis
Address: Carlos Martí Arís / José Antonio Sosa

The arquia/thesis collection includes some of the most relevant doctoral theses that have been presented in Spanish Schools of Architecture. Studies in architecture resulting from a long period of research that contain original contributions on the issues they deal with. Many of the published titles are from the Architecture Thesis biennial tender.

#arquiathesis #research #architecturethesis


Collection: formwork
Address: (Luís Martínez Santamaría hasta 2015)
Actualmente consejo editorial Fundación arquia

The theory of architecture no longer has the strength and compactness of the manuscripts of old. Its current condition is lighter and more volatile and manifests itself occasionally in articles, debates or interviews. To prevent this knowledge from being lost or dissipated, this collection intends to gather the contributions of certain authors who have reflected deeply about architecture.

#formwork #architecturalcriticism #thoughts


Collection: arquia/e-topics
Address: Fundación Arquia / Mónica Bonafonte

Arquia / e-topics is a collection of digital publications in webapp format that can be accessed directly or downloaded for free by approved users. The content of each publication can be accessed easily and intuitively. In its ongoing pursuit of innovation, in addition to the PDF viewer features, the Arquia Foundation has included functions that allow interaction in real time with the author in this new collection, in order to allow questions or suggestions to be formulated, as well as the content to be regularly updated. The different issues of the collection will present features and functions adapted to the topic and content, making arquia/ e-topics a dynamic and constantly evolving collection.

arquia/otras ediciones

Collection: arquia/otras ediciones
Address: Ministerio de Fomento / Fundación Arquia

Fundación arquia edita y publica, en colaboración con otras instituciones nacionales e internacionales, catálogos de exposiciones y bienales de arquitectura, anuarios, atlas y guías de arquitectura, etc... entre las que se encuentran la Bienalle di Venecia, Bienal de Arquitectura Española e Iberoamericana, bienal del paisaje; así como las ediciones arquia/próxima y otros premios de arquitectura, que permite situarnos en la actualidad arquitectónica.

Actualmente está ampliando su colaboración con otras instituciones para realizar mayor difusión de la arquitectura contemporánea española, así como sus principales protagonista.


Collection: arquia/newspapers
Address: Fundación Arquia

The arquia/journals collection, published by the Arquia Foundation, is comprised by journals published on the occasion of the exhibits of the various biennial architectural events promoted by the Ministry of Development and the grant programme promoted by the Arquia Foundation. It is a format that allows a wide and flexible dissemination among the interested audience, and it is also a useful support for communicating the award-winning projects.


Collection: arquia/contexts
Address: Fundación Arquia / Los libros de la Catarata

The arquia/contexts collection, published by the Arquia Foundation and the "Los libros de la Catarata" publishing house, forms part of the institution's activities and is characterised primarily by the diffusion of architectural culture and bringing the figure of the architect closer to society.

The current "context" makes it necessary to reflect on the role of architecture, through an analysis of the demands of society, and in parallel, approaching citizens with the usefulness of knowledge, services and skills of architects; to consolidate criteria that will allow greater understanding of architectural work and its contribution to society. Thus, we have established four first editorial lines comprising: the current value of the past or the legacy of architects; participation and democratization of architecture; innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity; and finally, architecture and the city.

The arquia/contexts collection has been selected in the 2016 FAD AWARDS for thought and criticism for its editorial initiative.

You can obtain copies here.

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