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Professional Area / Calls

ICO Grants

WorkshopsICO Foundation

The Arquia Foundation and the ICO Foundation have announced 75 places for architecture students and young architects with the aim of holding five 'workshops' at the ICO Museum.

The places are intended to give candidates the option of complementing the knowledge acquired during their training through 'workshops' organised by the ICO Foundation.

2014 Call

The 'workshops' will be held within the framework of the exhibition 'The Architect is Present', curated by Luis Fernández-Galiano / Arquitectura Viva.


  • Application
  • Architecture students and young architects with Spanish nationality or citizens with a Spanish residence permit who, on the closing date of applications, have obtained a minimum of 60% of the credits required to qualify as architects from a Spanish School of Architecture and who are enrolled for the 2013/2014 academic year at a Spanish School of Architecture; and architects who obtained their degree from a Spanish School of Architecture after 1 January 2010.
    To ensure adequate geographic distribution of the 75 places for the 'workshops', the number of valid entries will be weighted proportionally by school and application mode.


  • Academic transcript
  • Candidates will be selected according to their academic transcript. This is assessed by the average mark obtained in degree subjects passed, as well as by the average mark obtained in design project modules passed (for this purpose, all modules that come under the department of architectural projects shall be taken into consideration). These average marks will be calculated by the applicant, as specified in Annex I of the requirements and shall be recorded in the registration on the page, to be sent online.

    When registering, you must also enclose:

    a copy of your ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT,

    a copy of your DNI/NIE,

    a copy of your last ENROLMENT or your DEGREE in .pdf format,

    a copy of your level of ENGLISH certificate,

    and your CV.



The directors of each 'workshop' are:


Diébédo Francis Kéré


Mentors: Carmelo Rodríguez and Rocío Pina
13-21 March 2014
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  • Awards:

    2012 Global Holcim Award 2012 Gold
    2011 Regional Holcim Award Gold 2011 Africa M. East
    2010 BSI Swiss Architectural Award
    2010 Marcus Prize – University of Wisconsin
    2009 Global Award for Sustainable Architecture
    2008 6th International Sustainable Architecture Prize, special mention
    2007 Zumtobel Group Award
    2004 Aga Khan Award for Architecture The Ninth Award Cycle 2002-2004

    Diébédo Francis Kéré was born in Gando, a village in Burkina Faso, in 1965, and was the first person from his village to study and to study abroad. He graduated with a degree in architecture from the TU of Berlin, where, with the help of his fellow students, he founded the association "Schulbausteine für Gando" (bricks for the school in Gando). Thanks to this association, he was able to raise the necessary funds to build the Primary School in Gando, a building that was built by the inhabitants of his home village, and that won the Aga Khan Architecture Prize in 2004. Apart from running his own architecture studio, founded in 2005, Francis Kéré teaches at the TU of Berlin. His main interests are housing and urban development, the climatic optimisation of buildings, the use of sustainable materials and the application of traditional construction techniques. He is currently working on several projects, mainly schools, in Gando and Ouagadougou.

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  • Winners
  • Sara Ferreras Sancho                                 E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Jaime Herraiz Martinez                              E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Mónica Lamela Blázquez                           E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Alberto Fernandez Castilla                         E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Teresa del Prado Palencia                          E.T.S. de Arch. and Geodesy - Univ. of Alcalá

    Carlos Lozano Canella                                E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Antonio Jesús Jiménez Quesada              E.T.S. A - Granada - UGR

    Samuel Perea Díaz                                       E.T.S. A - Seville - US

    Candela Nadal Furió                                   E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    María Núñez Rodríguez                             E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Marta Pérez de Ory                                     E.T.S. A - Seville - US

    Carlos García Brome                                  E.T.S. A - Seville - US

    Déborah López Lobato                             E.S. of Art and Arch.- UEM

    Cristina Irala Lozano ES A - Univ. of Francisco de Vitoria

    Niccoló Navarro Di Meo                             E.T.S. A - Seville - US

TYIN Tegnestue


Mentors: Diego Barajas and Camilo García
From 25 March to 4 April 2014
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  • Awards:

    2012 Global Award for Sustainable Architecture
    2012 WA Awards 10th Cycle
    2011 The International Architecture Awards
    2011 Dedale Minosse Award - Italy
    2010 Best of TIDA, Eco and Conservation Award Gold Thailand
    2010 International Sustainability Award, Sustainable Building Silver Italy
    2010 Making Space Awards Gold Scotland
    2010 The Earth Awards, Social Justice Award Gold UK

    TYIN Tegnestue Architects is an architecture studio founded in 2008 that has focused its work on construction projects in poor and underdeveloped areas of Thailand, Burma, Haiti and Uganda. The studio's work not only stays in the office, it also actively involves the local population in the design and construction of their projects. In this way, they are able to establish a framework for exchanging knowledge and skills. All materials used in TYIN projects are collected near the lots or purchased from local traders. The studio is currently managed by Andreas G. Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad, and is based in the Norwegian city of Trondheim. The studio has won several international awards, including the Gold Prize from Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, WA Awards 10th Cycle in 2012 and its projects have been published and exhibited worldwide.

  • Workshop Video
  • Winners
  • Santiago Asenjo Asenjo                               E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    María de Miguel Pastor                                E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Belén González Aranguren                          E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Alejandra Sánchez Sánchez                        E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Gonzalo Ortega Sánchez de Lerín             E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Antonio Mora Ramos                                    E.T.S. A - Seville - US

    Julia Martí Berenguer                                    E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Sergio Floriano Azores                                  E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Edurne Bona Gallego                                    E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Alba María Romero Sánchez                        E.P.S - Univ. of Alicante

    Alberto Reques del Río                                  E.S. of Art and Arch.- UEM

    Rana Benyahya                                                E.S. of Art and Arch.- UEM - Valencia

    Andrea Blat Tatay                                            E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Beatriz Mellado Fernandez - Palma             E.T.S. A - Granada - UGR

    Elena Ramos Caballero                                  E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

Anupama Kundoo

Brisbane and Auroville

Mentors: Elena Orte and Guillermo Sevillano
8-18 April 2014
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  • Awards:

    2003 Architect of the Year Award, Category Group Housing, JK Cement, India
    2001 Honourable Mention “Young Enthused Architect Category”, A+D Awards, India
    2000 Architect of the Future, Indian Architect + Builder Award, India
    1999 Architect of the Year Award, Category Young Architect, Focus State TN, India

    Anupama Kundoo (Pune, 1967) founded her architecture studio in 1990 in Auroville, focusing on researching materials and experimenting to produce an architecture with a low environmental impact and suitable for the socio-economic context. Between 1992 and 1996, she worked in Berlin, where she focused her professional activity on the area of social housing. Since 1996, she has continued her independent practice in India. From 2002-2004, she was the “sustainable design adviser” for ICAEN, on a European Commission project. In 2008, she received her doctorate from TU Berlin. She is the editor of the Sustainable Building Design Manual Vol. 1 and 2 of the Catalan Energy Institute and author of the book Roger Anger: Research on Beauty. She has taught at several schools, such as the Architectural Association of London, TU Darmstadt and TU Berlin. She currently teaches at the Parsons New School of Design in New York and at the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

  • Workshop Video
  • Winners
  • Carmen López Albert                                    E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Diana Mera Hernando                                   E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Javier Bolívar López                                        E.T.S. A - Granada - UGR

    Fernando García Martínez                            E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Adrián López Varona                                     E.T.S.A - Valladolid - UVA

    Nuria Escoms Bosch                                     E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Angel Martinez Martinez                              E.S. Arch. and Technology. - UCJC

    Elisabet Usón Maimó                                    E.T.S. A - Barcelona - UPC

    Anaïs Nievas Cabanelas                               E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Blanca Martin Gazulla                                   E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Victoria Merchán Val                                    E.T.S. A - Barcelona - UPC

    Javier Chávez Muñoz                                  E.T.S.A - Valladolid - UVA

    Cristina Ramos Cáceres                            E.T.S. A - Zaragoza

    Alba Balmaseda Domínguez                    E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Antxon Canovas Arceredillo                     E.T.S. A - San Sebastián - UPV

Solano Benítez


Mentors: Fermina Garrido
From 22 April to 2 May
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  • Awards:

    2012 Honorary member of the American Institute of Architects
    2011 Bicentennial Architect - Paraguayan Association of Architects
    2008 BSI Swiss Architectural Award
    1999 Finalist in the 2nd Mies van der Rohe Award for Latin America
    1999 National Prize of Architecture College of Architects of Paraguay
    1994 He represented Paraguay at the Venice and São Paulo biennials and in Lisbon, Ibero-American Capital of Culture

    Solano Benítez was born in Asunción (Paraguay) in 1963. He graduated with a degree in architecture from the National University of Asunción (FAUNA) in 1986, and in 1987 he founded the Gabinete de Arquitectura, the professional corporation he currently shares with Alberto Marinoni and Gloria Cabral. Among the awards Benítez has received are distinctions such as 'Outstanding Young Man' by the Junior Chamber of Paraguay for his contribution to Paraguayan culture (1999); the BSI Swiss Architectural Award, an international award given to architects under 50 who have made a significant contribution to contemporary architecture (2008); and an honourable mention from the National Congress of Paraguay for contributions to the nation (2011). He was also chosen as the 'Bicentennial Architect' by the Paraguayan Association of Architects (2011) and as an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects (2012).

  • Workshop Video
  • Winners
  • Alejandro Campos Uribe                                  E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Amanda Gwendoline Reyes Darmon             E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Paula Lacomba Montes                                    E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Rafael Manuel Hernández Martínez               E.T.S. A - Pontifical Univ. of Salamanca

    Javier Janda Garcés                                           E.S. Arch. and Technology. - UCJC

    Guillermo Sánchez Arsuaga                            E.T.S. A - San Sebastián - UPV

    Alicia Regodón Puyalto                                    E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Roberto Vaquero Trigo                                    E.T.S.A - Valladolid - UVA

    Daniel Pascual Muñoz                                      E.T.S.A - Valladolid - UVA

    Margarita de San Valentín Vitón                    E.T.S. of Arch. and Geodesy - Univ. of Alcalá

    Miriam Leyva Camacho                                  E.T.S. A - Granada - UGR

    Violeta Quiñones Moreno                               E.T.S. A - Seville - US

    Alejandra De Juan Falcó                                  E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Carlos Bravo Gómez                                       E.T.S. A - Seville - US

    Miguel Ángel Damián Sanz                            E. de Arch. and Engineering - EINA

Anna Heringer


Mentors: Marina del Mármol and Mauro Bravo
6 to 16 May 2014
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  • Awards:

    2011 Global Award for Sustainable Architecture
    2011 Bronze for Africa and Middle East, Regional Holcim Awards, for the Training Centre in Marrakesh.
    2008 Emerging Architecture Award, A.Review, London
    2007 Archprix International-Hunter Douglas Award
    2007 Aga Khan Award for Architecture Tenth Award
    2007 International Bamboo Building Design Competition
    2007 The 2007 Kenneth F. Brown Asia Pacific Culture And Architecture Design Award (Winner)
    2006 Emerging Architecture Award, A.Review, London

    Anna Heringer was born in Rosenheim (Germany) in 1977 and currently lives in Salzburg (Austria). Her work focuses on the use of local materials and techniques to create buildings that are characteristic of their location. Her final degree project - a school in Bangladesh built with mud and bamboo - was built in 2006 in the town of Rudrapur, where she lived in 1998 as a volunteer for the local NGO, Dipshikha. From October 2008 to May 2011, she led the BASEhabitat study for the development of architecture at the University of Linz. In addition, she has been a Professor of international workshops in Bangladesh and Austria, and since 2010 she has been an honorary Professor of the UNESCO Chair of Earthen Architecture. Her work has been exhibited at the MoMA in New York, at La Loge in Brussels, at the Cité d'architecture et du patrimonie in Paris, at the MAM in São Paulo, at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin, and at the 2010 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

  • Workshop Video
  • Winners
  • Maria Olmeda Franco                              E.S. of Art and Arch.- UEM

    Leonardo Tamargo Niebla                      E.T.S.A - Valladolid - UVA

    Carlos García Fernández                        E.T.S. A - Pontifical Univ. of Salamanca

    Lidia Carrillo Parra                                    E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Sara Miguélez Diez                                   E.S. of Art and Arch.- UEM

    María Gómez Javaloyes                          E.P.S - Univ. of Alicante

    Eduardo Baviera Llópez                          E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Ana Herreros Cantis                                E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Aida Navarro Redón                                E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Jose Angel Munto Duran                       E.T.S. A - Valencia - UPV

    Ana Martín                                                E.T.S. A - Pontifical Univ. of Salamanca

    Noa Gonzalez                                          E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Claudia Conde Orozco                         E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Alvaro Alvarez Gutérrez                        E.T.S. A - Madrid - UPM

    Carlos Afán de Ribera García-Liñán   E.T.S. A - Seville – US

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