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Área Profesional / Convocatorias

Emprendimiento Arquitectura

2nd entrepreneurship and innovation grants call

2 grants for entrepreneurship and innovation
at Factoría Cultural/Vivero de Industrias Creativas in Matadero, Madrid
  • Requirements
  • The Arquia Foundation, in collaboration with Factoría Cultural / Vivero de Industrias Creativas in Matadero, Madrid, will award 2 grants for entrepreneurship and innovation for the development of a business project in any area related to architecture, with the aim of encouraging and supporting the creation of business initiatives and promoting innovation in fields related to architecture, thus giving rise to the creation of jobs.

    • Aim
    • The aim of the grants is to:

      Promote the culture of entrepreneurship and business initiative as an engine of economic growth by supporting innovative proposals in areas related to architecture.

      Provide candidates with knowledge and tools to complement their academic training in order to make their business projects a reality.

      Give impetus to new entrepreneurial projects based on values &ZWSpace;&ZWSpace;such as effort, drive and innovation.

    • Candidates
    • Those eligible to apply for the grant are architects who have graduated from a Spanish School of Architecture or from an international school but whose degree has been officially approved in Spain, who have a Spanish residence permit or multidisciplinary teams, composed mainly of architects, with a business idea that is feasible, creative and innovative.

      The project can be developed by one or more members of a studio/company/group.

      Candidates who have been awarded a grant by the Arquia Foundation in the current or in a previous call are not eligible to apply.

    • Calendar
    • Opening of call: 15 March 2016
      Registration period: From 15 March 2016 to 16 May 2016 at 12 p.m.
      Results: July 2016
      Incubation: project development: from 15 September 2016 to 15 March 2017
      Crowdfunding campaign: it will be developed in the 2 months following the end of the grant

    • Documentation and submission
    • The required documentation can be submitted via the 'registration' form until the call closes (16 May 2016 - 12 p.m.).

      More information on the requirements in pdf.

  • Registration
  • The registration process is completed via the Arquia Foundation web platform, and is formalised according to the following points:

    • Registration in this call can only be completed online via the Arquia Foundation platform.

    • To be able to start the registration, prior accreditation on the Arquia Foundation platform is required for those who are not already AF users or who have not yet been accredited.

    • The application is made when the registration form has been completed and the required documentation for the call has been attached. Proposals submitted by means other than the Internet will not be accepted.

    • The jury's decision is final.

    • The Foundation reserves the right to reproduce and/or exhibit the proposals selected from the tender either partially or in their entirety.

  • Registration deadline
  • 16 May 2016 at 12 p.m.

  • Jury
  • The jury will be composed of a mixed team of representatives from Factoría Cultural, the Arquia Foundation and two advisers:

    Rosina Gómez-Baeza

    President of the Factoría Cultural

    Ángela Barrios

    Trustee of the Arquia Foundation

    Mónica Bonafonte

    Director of the Sert School, College of Architects of Catalonia

    José Javier Quintana

    Director of BSA Rethinking Architecture
  • Assessment criteria
  • Applications will be evaluated by the jury, taking the following criteria into consideration:

    • Professional and academic CV of the applicant and/or each team member, to evaluate leadership skills, commitment to and motivation for the business project.

    • Report of the proposed grant project, assessing its originality and viability. Canvas analysis.

    Tutors and jurors may contact candidates directly to arrange a personal interview if they deem it necessary in order to clarify aspects of the idea or project.

  • Assessment criteria
  • We believe in projects with great potential, which must meet the following criteria:

    • Originality of the business idea: It must be a creative and innovative idea that provides a new working approach and contributes meaningfully in the field related to architecture.

    • The business idea must have a clear, ordered and legible structure, and be based on a market opportunity with enough revenue potential.

    • Innovative business model with a high capacity to generate value and strong growth potential.

    • The project should permit a viable market entry: clear and realistic goals, definition of strategies and necessary resources for implementation, careful planning and a detailed budget.

    • Capacity and leadership of the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team: they must have sound knowledge and qualifications and must show skills in order to implement the project successfully.

  • Endowment
  •  The grant includes the development of the Factoría Cultural innovation and entrepreneurship plan in 24 advisory hours (during 3 months), split into three blocks (market, value offer and development of a prototype), whereby market, offer, branding and marketing workshops and creativity sessions are developed. Over 6 hours of follow-up of the process (during three months) by a Factoría Cultural mentor, who will monitor the implementation of the prototype and the market launch.

     This innovation and entrepreneurship plan will include Factoría Cultural's cross-cutting services, such as: 100Mb of symmetrical Internet for uploading and downloading content, access to different advisory services (including legal, accounting, technology, programming, communication, etc.). As well as other added-value programmes: access to a crowdfunding campaign, access to digital marketing campaigns and visibility programmes. All of this will be provided for two (2) grant candidates.

     Besides Factoría Cultural's services and resources, the Arquia Foundation will put two (2) advisers, who are renowned in the field of managing professional development in architecture, at the disposal of the architect interns from the first day, who will tutor the entire project through face-to-face and online sessions. This tutoring will focus on decision-making and will guide them through the entire process of developing the business plan and analysing its feasibility. It will also provide the intern with contacts and the information required to work successfully on their business project. In the event that the entrepreneurship and innovation project has a local scope within Spain, the Arquia Foundation will provide the relevant local contacts.

     With the aim of standardising the opportunities for participation on a national level, the Arquia Foundation will grant a maximum of 1800 euros for accommodation costs to the grant winner that does not reside in Madrid and who requests this service. To this end, the candidate must present a certificate of current residence from the relevant city council.

     The Arquia Foundation shall bear the costs of travel to Madrid (one return ticket by plane, train or car - as determined by the Foundation), and will provide coverage under the terms of the travel insurance policy contracted through Arquiseguros brokerage.

     The grant will be paid directly to Factoría Cultural.

     If the grant recipient works with a team of one or two other people, Factoría Cultural will provide the following discounts for the interested parties:

    • Amount for 2nd person: 75% of the monthly fee.
    • Amount for 3rd person: 50% of the monthly fee.


  •  Factoría Cultural / Vivero de Industrias Creativas is a space for the creation and development of business initiatives in different areas of the arts, communication and new technologies, all included in the cultural and creative industries. Factoría Cultural is also aimed at non-profit organisations and associations whose activity falls under this sector.
     It is a nursery that was created to promote and implement innovative and sustainable projects in a working environment that is pleasant, human, open, dynamic, user-oriented and that welcomes and supports entrepreneurs who want to make a creative project or idea a reality.
     Factoría Cultural aims to create an ecosystem that facilitates access for the resident entrepreneur to the resources, services and training required to develop their idea or project in ideal conditions.
     In this sense, the aim of Factoría Cultural is to become a national and international benchmark in the world of specialised accelerators and nurseries for the cultural and creative industries.

    Visit the Factoría Cultural website


The winners of the 2016 call, are:



Blanca Garcia Gardelegui
E.T.S. A - Barcelona - UPC
Basel, SUIZA

Cooparchitects: Uniendo a pequeños emprendedores frente a empresas corporativas internacionales

Ana Beltrán Nadal

E.T.S. A - València - UPV

EDIFICIO URBANO. Innovación social en edificios históricos