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Cultural area / editions

Audiovisual works

About arquia/audiovisual documents


Under the Arquia Foundation's policy of architectural cultural dissemination, all books and DVDs published by the Foundation are given to the libraries of the official colleges of architects and of Spanish superior technical schools of architecture, so that they can be consulted by students and architects.

The aim of the collection is the edition of documentaries dedicated to architects and architecture in DVD format. Unreleased tapes in our country are thus recovered and made available to the general public with Spanish subtitles and accompanied by complementary information about the starring architect or the documentary.

The reason: because the best way to get to know a building from a distance is through moving image, and to know more about an architect it is necessary to listen to their arguments. That is why film is an ideal means to disseminate and publicise architecture and the work of those who have created it, and the most appropriate film genre is the documentary.

The general aim is the promotion and dissemination of architecture:

To place value on audiovisual documents on architecture.
To bring society closer to architecture and show its creative, economic and social dimension.
To create and develop a series of audiovisual documents on architecture.
To encourage the creation of audiovisual documents by industry professionals as a way of researching and presenting architecture.

Target audience: students, architects, professionals involved in the construction of buildings, those who are interested in architecture and fans of film in general and documentaries in particular. The aim is also for it to become valuable reference material for colleges and schools of architecture to consult and work with.


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