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Awarding of the 1st Grant for Social Entrepreneurship in 2017

24 octubre 2017

The members of the jury were impressed by the architect Javier Fernández Ponce's winning project, “Enersite”, due to its positive impact on energy saving and reducing the pollution generated during the construction process, by including a range of elements and products in the building process that produce clean energy for self-consumption, or products based on biodegradable materials. This project is in the idea stage and the members of the jury believe that he could benefit hugely from participating in the social entrepreneurship programme, where he will be able to bring to fruition the positive social and environmental impact of his project. Javier Fernández Ponce is a highly creative, cooperative and enterprising person who is eager to make improvements in the construction industry. His involvement in the programme will bring energy and expertise to the group of enterprising people who will be part of the current edition of the Social Entrepreneurship Programme.

The following projects received a special mention in the 1st Call:

Special mentions:

 “Light, we gamify sustainability”, by Santiago Jiménez Cortés and Carlos María Rosety Alonso.

 “Symbiosis”, by Irati Ezeiza Karrera and Ízaro Ezeiza Karrera.


You will soon be able to see the minutes of the jury for this call and find more information about the current call in the relevant section.

Our warmest congratulations to Javier Fernández Ponce for being awarded the grant.

The 1st Call for Applications for the Grant for Social Entrepreneurship was organised by the Arquia Foundation in conjunction with Barcelona Activa, with the aim of promoting and supporting the creation of business initiatives that seek to have a positive impact on society by resolving the community's current social and environmental problems.

Our thanks and congratulations to all of the entrants for the high standard of the projects that were presented.