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2nd Call for Social Entrepreneurship Grant

11 mayo 2018

The Arquia Foundation, in conjunction with Barcelona Activa, is awarding 1 Social Entrepreneurship Grant for the development of a sustainable business project with a strong social element, with the aim of promoting and supporting the creation of business initiatives that seek to achieve a positive impact on society by resolving problems that currently affect the population, from a social or environmental perspective.

This will give impetus to new entrepreneurial projects arising from values such as hard work, drive and innovation and will provide the candidates with knowledge and tools to complement their entrepreneurial skills and enable them to make their business project a reality.

Those eligible to apply for the grant are graduates with a degree in Social Sciences, Legal Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Health Sciences, Economics, Business, Engineering and Architecture from a Spanish university or from an international university but whose degree has been officially approved in Spain, who have a Spanish residency permit, or multidisciplinary teams, composed mainly of professionals with a viable, creative and innovative business idea.

Registration deadline: Midday on 29 June 2018

More information HERE