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10 julio 2018

The 4th Research Grant has been jointly awarded by the Arquia Foundation and the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Art to conduct a research project in New York City.

The jury unanimously decided to grant the award for the 4th call for applications for the 2018 research grant in New York to:

‘Pedagogical Conversations: facing the unexpected future of architecture in higher education’. Lina Toro Ocampo. (reg. 491)

The jury believes that, through “pedagogical conversations”, a further examination of architectural teaching methods in prestigious architecture schools in New York with leading professors and innovative educators will effectively achieve the goals of impact and dissemination pursued by awarding this grant, and it is likely that the results will be highly beneficial for architecture.


“COUNTERSPACES] Byproducts of the other Manhattan”. Marta López Marcos. (reg. 483)

Honourable mentions by order of preference:

  1. “New York: the slum incubator. Affective-dissident architecture and its reprogramming of public spaces.1968”. Natalia Matesanz Ventura. (reg. 506)
  2. “Jane's walks”. Idoia Arrazola. (reg. 499)
  3. “Inclusion of natural elements and living materials to create vernacular urban spaces”. Claudia García San Millán. (reg. 432)
  4. “EXILIUM NEW YORK”. Berta Bilbao Velez. (reg. 503)

You can view the minutes of the jury for this call for applications and find out more information about the current call for applications here