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EL GUAPO D'EN NARCÍS, wins the Online Vote Award given by internet users

24 octubre 2018

"EL GUAPO D'EN NARCÍS" (handsome Narcissus), not exactly native to Girona, is strolling when he happens upon a dark pond. He sees his reflection in it and falls in love. He falls so in love with this beauty that he is incapable of understanding, which is nothing more than a mere image. And he gazes upon himself. He loves himself. He looks at himself so much that his world vanishes and he drowns in himself. 

Welcome visitors, come and make an offering to Narcissus. Discover him as you look into the pond: him, yourselves and the May sky.”

"EL GUAPO D'EN NARCÍS" is a temporary installation for the Girona Temps de Flors Show, which seeks to rediscover the spatial qualities of this place, to encourage diverse perspectives and to create a game board based on the aesthetic experience of the reflection. A large steel table has been installed in the centre of the lobby of the Girona Architects' Association, with a hollow area that has been filled with water, producing a mirror effect, reflecting the sky through the skylight and, in it, a reproduction of Caravaggio's Narcissus. Visitors are asked to interact with it by creating a small origami daffodil and placing it on the table/puddle as an offering. During the process, just like Narcissus, they and the numerous users of the space can see their reflection in the water.