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IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK. Refurbishment of a beauty salon wins the 2018 arquia/próxima award

24 octubre 2018

As they themselves explain, in this project the walls speak for themselves. All different visions of what happens in this space are shown to the visitor, and it is up to them to decide which version of themselves they prefer to keep.

The jury has decided to not only give the award for the work presented for this call, but also all of the past works presented for previous calls, each of an exceptional quality and capacity for experimentation.

In this case, the refurbishment of a beauty salon, the small scale or modest size of the work has not precluded the search for a narrative capable of transforming a place that, while fulfilling the functions required by the customers, offers an experience to the user that is different to that commonly associated with this kind of establishment. Through the journey inside the hairdressing area, thanks to a continuous mirrored surface with convex, concave and flat areas, the creators inspire different feelings in the visitor, depending on their position and the reflected image that they can see of themselves and their surroundings at each moment.