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Decision of the jury for the 11th call for the biennial architecture thesis competition, arquia/thesis 2017

31 mayo 2018

In April, the jury for the 11th call for the biennial architecture thesis competition, chaired by Félix Solaguren-Beascoa and consisting of María José Aranguren, Carmen Espegel, Carlos García Vázquez, Laura Martínez de Guereñu, Naiara Montero, Juan Manuel Palerm and José Antonio Sosa-Saavedra, Director of the Arquia/Thesis Collection, acting as secretary (with the right to speak but not vote), have decided to award the following prizes and special mentions to these theses:

1st Prize: "Lo infra-leve:acciones y proyectos frágiles" (The infra-thin: fragile actions and projects) by Evelyn Alonso Rohner
2nd Prize: "Las casas de Arne Jacobsen. El patio y el pabellón" (Arne Jacobsen's houses. The courtyard and the pavilion) by Berta Bardí i Milà

Special Mentions
1st Special Mention: "Ni lo uno, ni lo otro: posibilidad de lo neutro en arquitectura" (Neither one thing or the other: the possibilities of the neutral in architecture) by Silvia Colmenares Vilata
2nd Special Mention: "Asplund versus Lewerentz" by Héctor Fernández-Elorza
3rd Special Mention"El nadador de Cap Martín y otros cuentos de arquitectura" (The swimmer from Cape Martin and other tales of architecture) by Fernando Carrascal Calle
4th Special Mention:"Cuerpo y casa: hacia el espacio doméstico contemporáneo (...)" (Body and home: towards the contemporary domestic space (...)) by Gonzalo Pardo Díaz

After 26 doctoral theses were shortlisted during the first stage, 16 theses where selected as finalists at the jury's meeting, and the jury deliberated over which to award the above prizes. (See the minutes of the meeting where the decision was made)
Under the terms of the competition, the Arquia Foundation is only obliged to publish the two award-winning theses (1st and 2nd prizes), as appropriate for the editorial calendar and budget and provided that it is confirmed that they have not been published and the respective copyrights are being respected, for both the written content and graphic material.

All participants in the second stage will receive the respective notification/certification from the Arquia Foundation over the course of the next few days.
We would like to thank everyone who participated and we are grateful for the huge amount of interest shown in this competition every year, as well as the excellent standard of the theses submitted.

Arquia Foundation, May 2018