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New documentary in DVD+book: arquia/documentary 36. JOHN LAUTNER. INFINITE SPACE

Audiovisual documents
13 junio 2018

This documentary is a portrait of John Lautner (1911-1994), a ground-breaking architect noted for his innovation and inspiration, his endless battles with building regulations, accidentally finding himself at the heart of pop culture, his bitterness at missed opportunities and, finally, his monumental achievements. Lautner was idolised by young contemporary architects, criticised by critics and adored by his clients. The documentary shows exceptional archive material: original drawings and historical photographs, the moving memories of relatives, former clients, owners and builders and comments from Sean Connery, Frank Gehry and Julius Shulman, the leading photographer of modern architects and the lifestyle in southern Californian.

Booklet for this edition by Jorge Gorostiza, the author of numerous articles and books about film and architecture, a curator of exhibitions and jury member in festivals. He managed the Canary Islands' Film Archive between 2000 and 2005. He writes his own blog ARCHITECTURE + FILM + CITY.