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ALTERNATIVE / ES_ catalogue and journal for the 8th Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urban Development

18 julio 2016

Publication of the catalogue and journal for the ALTERNATIVES exhibit, 11th Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urbanism, Granada, opening July 19, 2016. Open until 12 October 2016

Curators: Begoña Díaz-Urgorri, Juan Domingo Santos, Carmen Moreno Álvarez
Edition: Ministry of Public Works, Arquia Foundation, 2016

Refer to the CATALOGUE, link
Refer to the BEAU JOURNAL, link

The 11th Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urban Development arose from the interest in architectural projects that pose alternatives in an era of landscape restoration and renewal of urban space of the city and its buildings. Sound proposals capable of providing a new approach to problems faced by architecture and urban planning from a new and creative perspective. The projects selected for this Biennial should reflect processes of cultural and social change that affect the panorama and that Spanish architecture provides solutions to, emphasizing its international impact.