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arquia/topics 38 SIZAxSIZA

22 septiembre 2015

"This book came into being with the intention of showing lesser-known aspects of the work of the architect Alvaro Siza. As connoisseurs well versed in his work and who knew the man well, we became committed to aspects of his work that were significant but almost never published.

It was while preparing the book that were able to discover other dimensions of his work that we did not suspect. It was during the many interviews we have done where we have come to know the tireless Siza, always willing to work and speak about architecture. However, it was due even more to his magic and infinite file of drawings and proposals, all remarkable for their plastic quality and, more especially, the evidence of a constant search, as a sign of his tireless desire for excellence. (...) " Excerpt from the introduction of the book by Juan Rodriguez and Carlos Seoane.