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DOCOMOMO register

DOCOMOMO (Documentation and Conservation of the architecture and urban planning of the Modern Movement) is an international organisation created in 1990 with the main aim of inventorying, disseminating and protecting the modern architectural heritage of the 20th century. For this, it set up a geographical strategy, which led to the creation of the Iberian DOCOMOMO Foundation in 1993, based in Barcelona, which coordinates the achievement of these general goals applied to Spain and Portugal, with the collaboration of Colleges of Architects, Heritage Institutions and other institutions dedicated to the dissemination of architecture, such as the Arquia Foundation.

The Iberian DOCOMOMO Register

The Iberian DOCOMOMO Foundation has been carrying out an ambitious project since 1993: the identification of the most important elements of modern architectural heritage of the 20th century. The result of this work are the Iberian DOCOMOMO Registers, dedicated to industry, housing and equipment, grouping 1,144 works carried out between 1625 and 1965 and documented extensively. This AF platform website allows the user to consult the works included in the Iberian DOCOMOMO Registers, which complements the information available in the Iberian DOCOMOMO Foundation database.



The accomplishments gallery shows a random selection of the buildings included in the Iberian DOCOMOMO Registers. Each time the website is accessed or refreshed, the gallery is updated and shows a new selection.


Accomplishment finder

The accomplishment finder can be used to search for the buildings included in the Iberian DOCOMOMO Registers, filtered by the name of the building, whether original or current, the original use of the building, the author or location.


Geolocation and itineraries

The accomplishments included in the DOCOMOMO register are geolocalised so the user can design personalised itineraries of the buildings.


Register as a Foundation user

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