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Una vacuna para la ciudad enferma

de Oihane Tejero, es uno de los proyectos ganadores de la XXII convocatoria arquia/becas:

«Hoy Barcelona debe plantearse una reflexión acerca de la densidad y especulación, y actualizar el plan a las nuevas necesidades. No es necesario un nuevo modelo de ciudad, sino un cambio en el concepto del mismo.»

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I travelled there for the architecture, and came back with much more.

Experience at Aires Mateus e Associados Lisbon


About the grants

The grants are intended to give candidates the opportunity to complement the knowledge acquired during their training with professional internships and contribute to bringing the professional and academic fields closer by facilitating access for the grant recipients to qualified European architecture studios.

The programme also promotes mobility within Europe, understood as an enriching factor of personal development. The internship is carried out at an architecture studio located in a different autonomous community to the one where the intern resides or studies.


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