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About the 2018 Scholarships

The Arquia Foundation annually announces twenty-four scholarships for students and young architects from schools in Spain and Portugal, destined for professional internships in twenty European architecture studios, among which there are 3 Pritzker prizes. In the same call, 2 scholarships are awarded for studios in the United States; 2 scholarships in the Metrópoli Foundation; 1 scholarship in the Royal Academy; 6 scholarships for internships in the Public Administration, 3 in the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and 3 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation; as well as 2 tuition scholarships to participate in the Ultzama Campus organised by the Arquitectura y Sociedad Foundation..

12 scholarships are awarded to the winning candidates in the project contest proposed by a single jury invited by the Arquia Foundation for each edition, and the rest of the scholarships are awarded to the candidates with the best academic record. The duration of the internship is 6 months and those internships carried out in the Public Administration, in the Metrópoli Foundation or in the United States can be extended for a further 6 months. Registration scholarships last 2 weeks.

The goal of these scholarships is to give candidates the opportunity of complementing the knowledge acquired during their studies through internships, and to contribute to the rapprochement between the professional and academic fields by facilitating the access of the recipients to qualified architectural studios and other institutions.

The programme also encourages mobility within Europe, understanding it as an enriching factor for personal development. The internship must necessarily be carried out in an architectural studio located in an autonomous community other than that where the scholarship holder lives or studies.

The scholarship programme has been carried out annually since 2000 and is currently in its 22nd edition. So far, 475 scholarships have been awarded to students and architects from all Spanish and Portuguese schools of architecture.

The professional studios with which the Arquia Foundation agrees the admission of scholarship holders are selected by the students of Architecture Schools as their preferred ones for internships through the online surveys conducted by the Arquia Foundation every 3 years.

The Arquia Foundation subsidises the scholarship holder with an endowment of €7,000 (national destinations) and €9,000 (foreign destinations). It also covers the travel expenses to the internship site, and provides the scholarship holder with coverage under the terms of the travel assistance insurance policy and Social Security contributions as appropriate.

  • FAQ 2021
  • Who can participate?

    Students enrolled in the 2020/2021 academic year in a Spanish or Portuguese school of architecture who have passed at least 60% of the credits required to obtain the qualification to exercise as an architect are eligible to participate.
    Young architects who have obtained the qualification to exercise as an architect in a Spanish or Portuguese school of architecture, or have obtained this qualification in another country and had it recognised in either Spain or Portugal after 30 April 2020, may also participate.
    Candidates who have received a scholarship from the Arquia Foundation in a previous call are not eligible for the scholarship.
    Students from foreign universities who are temporarily studying at a Spanish School of Architecture through the ERASMUS programme are not eligible to participate.

    When can I apply?

    You will be able to apply as of the first week of January until 12 noon (Spanish peninsular time) on 30 April 2021 through the Arquia Foundation website,

    How can I apply?

    Applications for the scholarship programme can only be sent through the online system, by filling out the form provided for this purpose by clicking on the 'application 2021 call' button located on the QF website (calls>scholarships>2021 edition).

    Which are the Participation Modalities?

    There are 2 participation modalities: CONTEST and ACADEMIC RECORD. In both modalities, the selected candidates will be able to choose any of the destinations offered by the Arquia Foundation, as long as they meet the requirements of the specific terms and conditions.

    How can I participate?

    You can participate in one of the modalities or in both at the same time within the same call.

    In the case of participating in the 'contest' modality, the participant will have applied once they check the corresponding box. The documentation requested in the terms and conditions (Annex 2), shall be sent from each participant's 'private area'.

    In the case of participating in the 'academic record' modality, the participant will have applied once they check the corresponding box and fill in the two boxes where the averages of the subjects passed are requested. As indicated in Annex 1 of the contest terms and conditions, on the one hand, all the subjects passed in the degree (including those of the Project Department) will be calculated, and on the other hand, only the subjects passed belonging to the Project Department will be calculated.

    In order to apply for an internship in the United States studios, Fundación Metrópoli, Royal Academy, Public Administration or Campus Ultzama, the interested participants who meet the requirements detailed in the Terms and Conditions must check the corresponding box.

    Public Administration scholarships are subject to the signing of the agreement, and the results of the scholarship awarding will not be published until the date of signature.

    How are scholarships awarded?

    Once the call for applications is closed, the preselection process prior to the publication of the results begins.

    In the Academic Record option, the number of scholarships awarded shall be proportional to the number of applications received per school for this modality. Once the number of scholarships per school or group of schools has been determined, the applications will be sorted according to the sum of the average of the marks obtained in the degree subjects passed and the average of the marks obtained in the Project Department subjects passed. This way, the candidates with the best marks are preselected for each school or group of schools.

    In the Contest option, the twelve scholarships awarded shall be proportional to the number of contestants per school. Once the number of scholarships per school or group of schools has been assigned, the Jury will review the proposals submitted and select the ten finalist proposals.

    Once the 12 candidates for the contest modality, chosen by the single jury, and the rest of the candidates for the academic record modality have been preselected, the data sent in the application form will be verified. For this purpose, participating students will be required to provide a copy of their academic record in order to verify the number of obtained credits. (In the case of participants belonging to the academic record modality, the subjects belonging to the Project department shall be indicated).

    In which order are scholarships awarded in the academic record modality?

    Each candidate shall indicate their preferred destinations in order on the application form, up to a maximum of 10 options. This list of preferences will be included in the scholarship award table which, together with their position according to their mark in the contest or their academic record, will provisionally determine the assigned studio or institution. This method seeks to guarantee the maximum degree of satisfaction of the candidates and the architectural studios or institutions hosting them. However, it should be noted that the classification thus obtained for the choice of destination is not binding in the process of assigning candidates and does not necessarily determine the final destination.

    How are the hosting studios chosen?

    Once the data has been verified and before the results are published, the successful candidates will be notified individually that they have been awarded the scholarship.
    From that moment on, communication with the scholarship holders will not only be via their 'private area' and by e-mail, but also by post or telephone.
    In the first instance, the Foundation will require the winning scholarship holders to provide a list with their 10 preferred hosting centres in order. After processing the information provided by the winners, the Foundation will inform each scholarship holder of their assigned hosting centre.

    When are the results made public?

    During the last week of July of the current year.

    Is an Internship Agreement signed?

    Yes, once the scholarship is awarded and before incorporating to their hosting studio, scholarship holders will sign an internship agreement with the Arquia Foundation. Two copies signed by the director will be sent to them and they will have to sign and return one of them. Besides, they will have to send by means of their 'private area' their curriculum vitae in order for the Foundation to send it to the hosting studio.

    Can the scholarship holder be rejected by the hosting studio?

    Yes, hosting centres have the right to not accept the scholarship holder, without any type of compensation from the Foundation. In the event that a candidate resigns or is not accepted by the hosting centre, the Arquia Foundation reserves the right to declare the scholarship null or void. However, in order to be able to relocate, as far as possible, those candidates who have not been assigned because the architectural studios or institutions have exercised their right of non-acceptance, the Arquia Foundation will allow an additional period of 10 calendar days during which these candidates will be reassigned following the order established in the award table.

    How are scholarship holders paid?

    First, the scholarship holder will have to open a current account in Arquia Banca and communicate the number to the Foundation. The six monthly payments corresponding to the internship duration will be made to this account.
    The first payment will be made once the office has informed us of the start of the internship and no earlier than 15 days prior to the scheduled date of the internship.
    In order to make the sixth and final payment, the scholarship holder must provide the Foundation with a letter of approval from the hosting centre. In addition, they must submit a questionnaire and a dossier in .pdf format describing their experience, which can be downloaded and filled in from their 'private area'. These documents will be made public through the Foundation's website.
    The Arquia Foundation will pay the registration fees to the Arquitectura y Sociedad Foundation.
    In addition, travel expenses and the costs of the travel assistance insurance policy will be covered. All payments will be subject to Social Security and income tax withholdings.

    Will the Arquia Foundation pay Social Security contributions?

    Yes, it will do so accordingly. Additionally, it will provide the scholarship holder with coverage under the terms of the travel assistance insurance policy. The European Health Insurance Card required for use in European destinations must be requested by the beneficiary.

    When does the scholarship 'Awards Ceremony' take place?

    The scholarship 'Awards Ceremony' is held in October and must be attended by all scholarship holders. In the framework of this event, an architectural tour of the chosen city will take place.

    When can the internship at the hosting studio be completed?

    The date for the internship must be agreed upon by the scholarship holder with the host institution. The Arquia Foundation will provide the scholarship holder with the contact details. The scholarship holder must have temporary availability to be able to join the studio within 6 months of the award of the scholarship, i.e. they must start their internship before 30 January 2022, unless otherwise agreed with the hosting studio or entity. This period may be exceeded if the hosting institution agrees.

    How long does the internship last?

    Internships at the Royal Academy and European studios lasts 6 months. In the case of scholarships at Fundación Metrópoli, Public Administration and studios in the United States, internships may be extended for an additional 6 months, as determined by these centres. The Campus Ultzama internship lasts two weeks in summer.

    What is the economic endowment of the scholarship?

    During the internships, the Arquia Foundation will subsidise the scholarship holder with an endowment of €7,000 (national destinations) and €9,000 (foreign destinations). In the event that the internship is extended for an additional six months at Fundación Metrópoli or the Public Administration, the scholarship holder will be subsidised with an additional €7,000.

    Who looks for accommodation in the destination city?

    The scholarship holder must look for accommodation in the destination city sufficiently in advance, particularly in the case of foreign cities (at least two months in advance).

    What must I do at the end of the internship?

    The scholarship holder must send the Foundation a letter of approval from the hosting centre validating the full completion of the internship. The scholarship holder must also complete the questionnaire and the dossier agreed upon in the agreement, which they can download at in their 'private area'. Once this documentation has been sent, the Foundation will process the final payment.
    Besides, in order to make use of the Foundation's web platform's new means of dissemination, it is recommended that the scholarship holder submit self-made audiovisual material (with a smartphone) together with the experiences lived during the internship.
    The scholarship holder must send the Foundation proof of the return ticket cost, with prior approval of its cost, so that the Foundation can make the corresponding arrangements for its payment.

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