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Professional Area / Calls

Scholarships 2016

arquia/becas call 2016


20 grants for internships in European architecture studios
3 grants for internships in the civil service, Ministry of Public Works, Department of Architecture, Housing and Land
2 grants for internships at the Metrópoli Foundation


  • Requirements
  • The Arquia Foundation, taking into consideration the educational value that practical knowledge of the profession and geographical mobility imply, has opened the 17th edition of the arquia/grants tender, through which it awards 20 grants to students in the final years of their degree and to young, recently graduated architects, so that they can undertake internships at European architecture studios.

    • Candidates
    • Architecture students and young architects who have Spanish nationality or a Spanish residence permit and who meet the following requirements on the closing date of applications will be eligible for the grant:
      a) Must have passed at least 60% of the credits necessary to obtain their degree in architecture at a Spanish School of Architecture.
      b) Be enrolled for the academic year 2015/2016 at a Spanish School of Architecture.
      Must have obtained their degree in architecture from a Spanish School of Architecture or have obtained their degree abroad and had it officially approved in Spain after 30 April 2015.
      Candidates who have been awarded a grant from the Arquia Foundation in a previous call are not eligible to apply.

    • Destinations. Participating studios
    • The preferred studio destinations are selected by students of Spanish Schools of Architecture according to the results of the 6th Online Architecture Student Survey carried out by the Arquia Foundation in 2014. Studio destinations are updated every 3 years via an online survey.
      The studios participating in this call, with which the ARQUIA Foundation has agreed to collaborate for the internships, are as follows:

      OAB Carlos Ferrater
      Carme Pinós
      EMBT. Miralles Tagliabue

      Ábalos + Sentkiewicz arquitectos
      Alberto Campo Baeza
      Herreros Arquitectos
      Emilio Tuñón arquitectos
      Nieto Sobejano, Arquitectos
      Rafael Moneo

      RCR. Aranda Pigem Vilalta

      Patxi Mangado

      Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

      Herzog & de Meuron

      Aires Mateus e Associados

      AZPML. Alejandro Zaera-Polo Maider Llaguno Architecture
      Foster and Partners

      Álvaro Siza

      Lacaton & Vassal Architectes


    • Calendar
    • Opening of call: 1 January 2016
      Registration period: 1 January to 2 May 2016
      Results: first week of July 2016
      Awards ceremony: October 2016

    • Participation modes
    • There are two ways of applying: academic transcript and tender. You can opt to participate in one or both simultaneously. 10 grants are awarded for each mode. To ensure adequate geographic distribution of the grants, the number of valid entries will be weighted proportionally by school and application mode.
      Academic transcript
      Candidates will be selected according to their academic transcript.This is assessed by the average mark obtained in degree subjects passed, as well as by the average mark obtained in design project modules passed (for this purpose, all modules that come under the department of architectural projects shall be taken into consideration). These average marks will be calculated by the applicant as specified in Annex I of the requirements.
      2016 tender
      Students will be selected according to the material submitted to the tender.

    • Documentation and submission
    • The information can be edited until the day that the registration period closes.
      Academic transcript
      Once registered, access the private user area by entering the email and password and enter the aforementioned average mark in the appropriate box (grants section, 'edit participation' option)
      Later, the shortlisted candidates will have to send a PDF of their academic transcript.

      2016 tender: A secular chapel
      Once registered, access the private user area by entering the email and password and add and complete the mandatory fields:
      A .pdf file in DIN A3 format containing 3 pages maximum with the information deemed necessary by the author to explain the project: the site, floor plans, sections and elevations to scale, drawings, sketches or diagrams, photographs of the model, rendered images, perspectives or photomontages and a small report. The extension of the report shall not exceed 500 words and must be included on one of the pages.
      The maximum size of the PDF file is 5 Mb.

  • Registration
  • Registration in the arquia/grants tender can only be done via the online registration system by completing the form provided for this purpose.
    To facilitate the registration process, you can save the registration at any time and continue later.

  • Registration deadline
  • Monday, 2 May 2016 at 12 p.m.

  • Deadline for sending documents
  • Monday, 2 May 2016 at 12 p.m.

  • Jury
  • The jury will be composed of:

    Jordi Badia

    (Barcelona, 1961) Graduated as an architect from the ETSAB in 1989.
    Founder and director of the BAAS architecture studio, he combines his professional work as an architect with his role as professor in the department of architectural projects at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB).
    He also works as a columnist for the newspaper ARA, and is editor of the architecture blog HIC. Along with Felix Arranz, he was curator of VOGADORS, the exhibition that represented Catalonia and the Balearic Islands at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennial 2012.

    His most recent works include the Can Framis Museum (City of Barcelona 2009 Prize and FAD Award - Opinion), restoration of the Oliva Artés factory as the Museum of History of Barcelona MUHBA, the ALTA DIAGONAL office building and the FAD headquarters.
    At present, the studio is building, among others, the University of film, radio and television in the city of Katowice in southern Poland, the headquarters of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre in Barcelona and a residential building in Palma, Majorca.

  • Topic of the tender
  • 'A secular chapel'
    A space of silence in a big city.
    A place of meditation, peace and reflection that isolates you from the speed and noise of the environment and puts you in a very sensitive, spiritual situation.

    We have all experienced the effects of deciding to enter a church and rest for a while when wandering in a big city. The physical and sensory experience transforms you for a few minutes. The temperature is different from the outside, it is especially nice in the summer when it can be a few degrees cooler. Your eyes have to adapt to the lack of light and may take a few seconds to do so, during which you stop and wait. When you return to normality, you will only hear the echo of your footsteps and that is the ultimate expression of silence. The smell of burning wax and incense transport you to a spirituality connected to your childhood...
    An experience similar to that of finding a small chapel on the summit after a long climb up a mountain and deciding to enter it. Solitude and silence.

    The proposal is to design a place that provides this type of experience in the big city. A vacuum chamber.
    A site in the centre of a big city is proposed. La plaza de las Glòries in Barcelona. A large urban space that will be a large metropolitan park in the future. The piece must therefore address the current interim location of the site but with an eye to the future, when the architecture will be fully integrated into the park landscape.
    To achieve this, the winning project of the architectural tender organised by the city of Barcelona will be taken as a starting point, ​​the work of Agence TER
    and Ana Coello.
    The exact location of the piece must be chosen by each designer within the area situated between Cartagena street, Badajoz street, Consell de Cent street and Bolivia street.

    The size is also open to the discretion of each author, but must be reduced, similar to that of a small chapel.
    References that can illustrate this statement can be very varied: the Antoni Tàpies meditation room at the Pompeu Fabra University, the Rothko chapel in Houston, the Bruder Klaus Peter Zumthor country chapel, the Tindaya Chillida mountain project, the Aldo van Eyck Sonsbeek pavilion, the Saarinen MIT chapel, etc.
    Architecture that is very marked by the essence of what it constructs. Interior spaces insulated from the outside, where the façade plays a less important role.
    An opportunity to rediscover the essential values ​​of architecture and its potential to transform the human spirit.

  • Ministry of Public Works grants
  • The Arquia Foundation, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Public Works, Department of Architecture, Housing and Land, awards 3 grants for architecture students and young architects so that they can undertake internships in the civil service, the Ministry of Public Works, Department of Architecture, Housing and Land.

  • Metrópoli Foundation grants
  • The Arquia Foundation has agreed the admission of 2 recently-qualified architects with an interest in urban planning, innovation and development of the city with the Metrópoli Foundation, so that they can undertake internships at their facilities in Madrid.