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Professional Area / Surveys

2020 Students

  • Participants
  • All students enrolled in any Spanish or Portuguese school of architecture can participate (students from foreign Universities who were temporarily studying in a Spanish School of Architecture through the ERASMUS programme or similar could not participate).

    Participants can update their information up to the day the call is closed, although the questionnaire can only be sent once.

  • The form will be available until 9 October 2020 at 12:00 pm (Spanish Peninsular time).

  • awards
  • Participants who have completed and submitted the survey will be entered into a prize draw for two HP ProBook computers with a whole year of paid Adobe licence. Employees and members of the governing bodies of the Arquia Group, as well as their first-degree relatives, are excluded from the draw.
    Once the data has been verified, the winners will be individually notified and the result will be made public through Arquia Group's websites.

  • Results
  • As of December 2020, the Report of the results obtained from participant responses will be published, treated as confidential. This report will be prepared by the sociologist Emilio Luque, Professor of Environment and Society at the UNED.