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Área Profesional / Exhibitions

Arne Jacobsen


Arne Jacobsen

Drawings 1958-1965

Arne Jacobsen was a great artist. In its formative period, the Faculty of Architecture understood drawing as an essential tool for mastering the profession. It was not only a skilled mechanism by which students and architects would dazzle the viewer with a false virtuosity differentiated with respect to other disciplines.

Drawing would instill geometric rigor and the study of spaces, materialize their physical reality and deepen their constructive logic, verifying their viability, their "Textures", "Contrasts" and "Colors" and definitively translate these concerns into a final overall reality.

It was a cultural attitude of the environment, where travel books, notes and analysis of reality assume their true dimension.

Observation would become a working tool. It was the main quality of the analytical eye; skill will no longer be restricted to mere sleight of hand.

Jacobsen had that double virtue of the architects of his generation: the sensitivity of observation and the ability to express properly, something absolutely essential in the world of architecture.

The material of the exhibit consists of 30 aluminum panels 100 x 100 cm with 29 photographic reproductions (matte anti-glare methacrylate).

Felix Solaguren-Beascoa Corral (Bilbao, September 30, 1956) is an architect with a PhD from the School of Architecture of Barcelona and Professor of Architectural Design at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia since 1990.




COA Segovia: 21/03/2002



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ETSA LA SALLE Barcelona: 19/01/2007 - 02/03/2007
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