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Film Archive

About the Film Archive

The Architecture Film Archive is a cultural programme of the Arquia Foundation that represents an architectural reference, promotion and dissemination framework, adding value to audiovisual works on architecture and architects, showing its creative, cultural and social dimension.


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Past - Present and Future, a series of video interviews about being an architect in the 21st century

With Jacob van Rijs, Founder of MVRDV (Rotterdam); Juan Herreros (Madrid); Enrique Sobejano (Madrid and Berlin); Fabrizio Barozzi (Barcelona) and Francisco Aires Mateus (Lisbon)
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La Torre del Gas en Barcelona

ETSAB Practical Architecture and Film Workshop

Directed by Maria Mauti Director of the ETSAB Architecture and Cinema course: Antonio Pizza Based on the 2019 Architecture and Cinema course


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Lina Bo Bardi

Precise Poetry

She is one of the most unique voices of twentieth-century architecture. From her status as an architect in Brazil, a country, foreign at first, and then passionately her own, Bo Bardi knew how to adapt the aesthetic modernity learned in her native Italy to serve the public.
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Francisco Mangado, Architect.

Video made on the occasion of the exhibition ARCHITECTURE WITH THE LEFT HAND, inaugurated in June 2011 at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid.
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FAS-V Architecture Congress: Less Architecture, More City. 01-INAUGURATION

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FAS-V Architecture Congress

Less Architecture, More City.
Eduardo Mendoza Garriga (Barcelona, 1943)
Leonardo Padura Fuentes (Havana, 1955)
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FAS-V Architecture Congress: Less Architecture, More City. 03-THE GOVERNMENT OF CITIES

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FAS-V Architecture Congress: Less Architecture, More City. 04-URBAN VISIONS

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FAS-V Architecture Congress: Less Architecture, More City. 05-THE CITY AS A PROJECT

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Espaces intercalaires

A raven, as one teacher from Tokyo observes, is able to understand the city as a whole and access its smallest interspaces. Initially, urban areas are seen as a three-dimensional space and extending the gaze, new places appear.
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FAS-V Architecture Congress: Less Architecture, More City. 06-ARCHITECTURES OF URBANITY

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I SIAMF_01: 'Architecture and Photography: Crossed Tools'

Architecture and Photography: Crossed Tools / Architecture and Photography: Crossed Tools.
This audiovisual can be viewed in the arquia/film archive thanks to the collaboration and authorisation of the Research Group.
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