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About the filmography

Architecture FilmographyIt is an Arquia Foundation programme that consists of a record of audiovisual works on architecture formulated via audiovisual archives under a common format and their physical location for consultation.


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Patrick Keiller

Documentary in which Patrick Keiller studies the British landscape and economic geography.
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Alberto Campo Baeza
Labor of Love

In a place of incredible calm, where after a day of rain and fog, an intense light is reflected in the stillness of the mirror of the deep waters of the majestic Hudson River
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Japanese architecture

KOCHUU is a Japanese concept that means "inside the vase" or "in the cage", which refers to the Japanese tradition of small buildings and enclosed physical spaces, which recreate the impression of a separate universe.
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Álvaro Siza
Architecture, Siza

Jean Lefaux

12' excerpt from the documentary directed by Jean Lefaux and produced by Paco Poch {Mallerich Films}, which brings us closer to the figure of Álvaro Siza Vieira, one of the most important Portuguese architects of the 20th century.
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Hans Scharoun: Schminke House
Built with light

In the Saxon town of Löbau (Germany) stands one of the most beautiful houses of the Modern Architectural Movement: the Schminke House, created in 1933 by the architect Hans Scharoun (1893-1975).
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Renting rooftops

In one of his urban recipes, Santiago Cirugeda proposes reusing the roofs of many buildings as a support for low-cost housing. He proposes rent be paid by the user of the rooftop to the community of neighbours as a trade-off. To build a dwelling, a load study must be conducted in advance.
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Building is People

Welcome to the metropolis of tomorrow: Building is People is the celebration of people and the processes that generate the creation of communities. Hundreds of recordings from more than 40 videos were assembled for this edition, including Form, Design, And The City (1962); Lost Landscapes Of Detroit (2010); Once and Forever (1956); Out Of This World (1954) and Dynamic American City (1956).
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Julius Shulman
Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman

The documentary Visual Acoustics, narrated by the actor Dustin Hoffman, celebrates the life and career of the photographer Julius Shulman, whose work contributed enormously to the promotion of the city of Los Angeles and the "lifestyle of Southern California" during the 1950s and 1960s.
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It includes audio comments in English. Future: Year 2000. In the megalopolis of Metropolis, society is divided into two classes, the rich who have power and means of production, surrounded by luxuries, large spaces and gardens, and the workers, condemned to live in dramatic conditions in an underground ghetto, where the industrial heart of the city is located.
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