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V Congreso Internacional de Arquitectura 2018: Menos arquitectura, más ciudad

V Congreso Internacional de Arquitectura 2018: Menos arquitectura, más ciudad


The four international congresses held by Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad, with the topics 'More for Less' (2010), 'The Ordinary' (2012), 'Necessary Architecture' (2014) and 'Change of climate' (2016), have brought together over fifty architects, historians and critics from the five continents at the Baluarte de Pamplona to promote the links between architecture and the social sphere, sustainable development and the rational use of material and energy resources. Bringing together major figures in the discipline—including ten Pritzker Award winners—together with emerging architects and leading representatives of the academic world, the conferences have proposed tackling the crisis through austerity and solidarity. The first of them was opened by the then Princes Felipe and Letizia, and the fourth has been inaugurated by the now monarchs.

Architecture and architects have been the protagonists in the four conferences held so far. With the fifth one, a new cycle focused on the city was started, hence the title 'Menos arquitectura, más ciudad' (Less architecture, more city). The opening session will be led by writers who will examine the city as an area of freedom, introducing the dilemmas of municipal government that are the focus of the second session, entrusted to mayors of large cities, closing this first day with a discussion that will confront the urban visions of a photographer and an architect.

The second day of the conference will open with a presentation by practising female architects who will share their work from an urban perspective. This will be followed by a discussion with leading figures in the field of theory and criticism who have focused their work on the political ecology of the city, closing the event with a reflection on sustainable mobility and the future of the city, which will be addressed by leading figures in contemporary urban transformation.

[ Written by Luis Fernández-Galiano ]

The viewing of this audiovisual material in arquia/film library is possible thanks to the collaboration and authorisation of the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad.



Menos Arquitectura, más Ciudad.
Inauguración oficial
Prodigios urbanos
Diálogo Eduardo Mendoza / Leonardo Padura
El gobierno de las ciudades
Urbes consolidadas y emergentes. Diálogo Joan Clos/ Manuela Carmena moderado por Luís Conde
Visiones urbanas
La ciudad en mutación. Diálogo Iwan Baan y Dominique Perrault moderado por Luis Fernández Galiano
La ciudad como proyecto
Construir en el ámbito urbano. Diálogo Belinda Tato / Farshid Moussavi
Arquitecturas de la urbanidad
Diálogo Ecología política de la ciudad [Deyan Sudjic y Salvador Rueda. Moderado por Sandra Ollo]