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Final decision of the 10th arquia/thesis tender

15 diciembre 2015

On December 11, the jury of the call for the 10th Biennial Competition arquia/thesis, chaired by Manuel Gausa and comprised by Félix Juan Bordes Caballero, Luz Valderrama Fernandez-Aparicio, Francisco Javier Cabrera and Cabrera and Jose Antonio Sosa-Saavedra, director of the arquia/thesis collection and acting secretary, awarded the theses by Ignacio Borrego Gómez-Pallete and Amadeu Santacana Juncosa. 

"Matter Informed" by Ignacio Borrego and "The event in a world as juxtaposition" by Amadeu Santancana were First and Second Prize (respectively) in the 10th arquia/thesis tender.

They excel in both the ambition and originality of their content. 

The first constructs a true atlas of sequences related to the informational essence of contemporary culture and classifies the various operations of the project that can be addressed.

The second addresses the importance of the programme as information processed in contemporary architecture and its translation from a simple functional structure to the inform(ation)al formulation.