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Presentation of the new arquia/contexts collection in Barcelona

4 diciembre 2015

On December 21 at 19h, the ALIBRI Bookstore in Barcelona will hold the presentation of the arquia/contexts collection, a joint publication between the Arquia Foundation and Books of the Cataract, which will involve:

  Gerardo García-Ventosa ,Doctor in Architecture and Director of the Arquia Foundation

Pedro Azara, Doctor in Architecture and professor of aesthetics, author of "When the architects were gods"

Juli Llueca , architect and author of "Emotional guide of the self-promotor"

Anna and Eugeni Bach , architects, professors and authors of the book "More housing for less"

The event will take place on Monday, December 21, 2015, at 19:00 at the Alibri Bookstore c / Balmes, 26, Barcelona. (Capacity for 45 to 100 people).

The new arquia/contexts collection is integrated within the activities of the institution, and is mainly characterized by the diffusion of architectural culture and the approximation of the figure of the architect in society.

The current "context" makes it relevant to engage citizens with the usefulness of the knowledge, skills and services of architects; for the purpose of consolidating criteria that will allow greater understanding of architectural work and its contribution to society.