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Área Profesional / Exhibitions

Los Angeles


Los Angeles


10 Paradigms

The selection shows ten houses capable of representing a mode of habitation, of understanding the city and cooperating with its construction, of building and understanding the role of architecture and even the mission of the architect. The various vocations of angelina architecture are represented, both works remotely distanced from the international style and others that interpret the most widespread modernity in modern historiography and, presumably, closer to the observer of the exhibit. They are works from the architects Greene, Irving Gill, RM Schindler, R. Neutra, Gregory Ain, the Eames, A. Quincy Jones, Craig Ellwood, Albert Frey and John Lautner.

The exhibit shows how the city of Los Angeles: a mosaic of individual phenomena, aware of their geographical repercussion, constructed by adding heterogeneous landscapes that are sometimes antagonistic and even struggle against their physical and political environment. The city is shown through a partial representation of an infinitesimal selection of its landscapes. And, with the city, a plurality of samples of modern architecture are shown, which reveal the transformational and proactive capacity, not always exercised- of the architecture of our time.

Ultimately, it is an exhibit that relies on the cultural and transformative potential of architecture.



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