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Professional Area / Calls

arquia Research

Loisaida, incubadora de urbanismos afectivodisidentes

by Natalia Matesanz Ventura, winner of the 5th edition of the Research Grant in New York.
The proposal, halfway between the artistic-experimental and productive research, explores the possibilities of modifying the physical and virtual space of the city through the participation of local communities, specifically studying the New York neighbourhood of Loisaida, and the way in which this modification occurred as a social and activist practice.
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6th CallResearch Grant in New York

Arquia Foundation / San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts


__ €18,000

__ 6 months

__ 31.03.20



Previous editions

About the Research

The grant allows architects to develop a research project over a six- month period, within the framework of a prestigious academic institution in New York. It is carried out in collaboration with the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. 


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