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VIII Edición 2020-2021: Resiliencia. Un equilibrio dinámico. 

Autor rehabilitación foto: Lorenzo Jurina

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VII Festival arquia/próxima 2020: Punto de inflexión. Posiciones radicales para un mundo en cambio.

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6th arquia/próxima Festival 2018: RELEVANT PRACTICES

The curator Iñaki Butcher invites you to reflect on the paradox produced by the international success of Spanish architecture
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VII edition 2018 - 2019. Turning Point. Posiciones radicales para un mundo en cambio.


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About próxima

it is the cultural programme of the Arquia Foundation, designed to offer support to Spanish architects in the first ten years of their careers and is based on the dissemination, promotion and enhancement of their accomplishments and beginnings as professionals.


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